Fun-Size Friday | 5-22-20 | “End Of The Week Ennui” Edition

Fun-Size Friday: much like that shiny penny you picked up off the ground the other day, it may not be worth much right now, but grab enough of them and it might eventually amount to something, possibly. In a more literal sense, Fun-Size is a time for me to talk about pop culture news that makes me happy for the future, or at the very least intrigued to see how it all turns out. It’s also a nice way to help me get into a positive headspace before the weekend starts, so that’s good too. Right, that’s enough introduction for this week, let’s take a look at our “appetizers”…

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Fun-Size Friday | 4-24-20 | “WASH YOUR HANDS” Edition

Ding-ding, y’all! Fun-Size Friday is back for yet another round, because I do not know when to stay down. As per usual, I’ll be looking at a few geek related highlights that caught my eye from the past week and adding a little commentary of my own. This is by no means an exhaustive recap, but if you haven’t already skimmed the various other pop culture sites the past few days and you enjoy reading second-hand news in two-hundred word chunks, this’ll do nicely. Now that I’ve covered my obligatory introduction, let’s jump into my (obligatory) post!

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