Fun-Size Friday | 5-1-20 | “Remember To Wear A Mask In Public” Edition

Rejoice, Denizens of the Internet, for Fun-Size Friday has returned from it’s weekly tour through the bowels of the Internet to share short tales of pop culture and general frivolity! Admittedly it’s not that much, but if by some bizarre set of circumstances you didn’t log on to the Internet over the last few days — an increasingly unlikely notion given our current circumstances — some of these little tidbits might surprise and even delight you. So, whether you’re stuck at home or stealing a few minutes away from your essential work, here’s a fun-sized something for you…

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Fun-Size Friday | 4-24-20 | “WASH YOUR HANDS” Edition

Ding-ding, y’all! Fun-Size Friday is back for yet another round, because I do not know when to stay down. As per usual, I’ll be looking at a few geek related highlights that caught my eye from the past week and adding a little commentary of my own. This is by no means an exhaustive recap, but if you haven’t already skimmed the various other pop culture sites the past few days and you enjoy reading second-hand news in two-hundred word chunks, this’ll do nicely. Now that I’ve covered my obligatory introduction, let’s jump into my (obligatory) post!

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Fun-Size Friday | 4-17-20 | Extreme Home Takeover: Quarantine Edition

Keep cool, Hypothetical Reader, it’s just another edition of Fun-Size Friday. Though the pop culture well may have dried up a bit as of late, I figure there’s still just enough that happened in the last week to last me a couple hundred words at least. I mean, I’m not calling this thing “fun-size” for nothing. With all that out of the way, let’s see what we can scrape up this week.

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Fun-Size Friday | 4-3-20 | Something Something Toilet Paper Joke!

Ain’t no stopping Fun-Size Friday now, we’re on the move! Moving and grooving through another week of quarantines, films and television shows getting delayed, and generally a lot of video-conferencing. All of which means we’ve got extra reason to focus on some of the good stuff that came out this week, preferably in 200 word chunks or less. Alright then, let’s see what fruit fell off the pop culture wagon this week!

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Fun-Size Friday | 3-27-20 | Keep Calm & Remain Indoors!

Oh, hi there! Didn’t hear you come in. Or…remember letting you in. Actually, how did you get in here?

Hmmm, well that sounds like a perfectly reasonable answer. I’m immediately convinced! As it happens you’ve come just in time for another edition of Fun-Size Friday, where I talk about pop culture nonsense from the last couple days. Comics, cartoons, movies, and random celebrity tweets are but a few of the subjects we can cover here, the only caveat is that I keep each subject to two hundred words or less.

“Why two hundred words”, you ask? Well, my sketchily dressed friend, not every question has a perfectly reasonable answer. Sometimes in life stuff just happens, like all this broken glass that’s mysteriously appeared all over my floor. So, pull up a chair, put down your conspicuously large burlap sack, and listen as I regale you with short tales of pointless fluff!

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