Fun-Size Friday | 3-27-20 | Keep Calm & Remain Indoors!

Oh, hi there! Didn’t hear you come in. Or…remember letting you in. Actually, how did you get in here?

Hmmm, well that sounds like a perfectly reasonable answer. I’m immediately convinced! As it happens you’ve come just in time for another edition of Fun-Size Friday, where I talk about pop culture nonsense from the last couple days. Comics, cartoons, movies, and random celebrity tweets are but a few of the subjects we can cover here, the only caveat is that I keep each subject to two hundred words or less.

“Why two hundred words”, you ask? Well, my sketchily dressed friend, not every question has a perfectly reasonable answer. Sometimes in life stuff just happens, like all this broken glass that’s mysteriously appeared all over my floor. So, pull up a chair, put down your conspicuously large burlap sack, and listen as I regale you with short tales of pointless fluff!

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