“CLUE: The Graphic Novel” by Nelson Daniel & Paul Allor [Review]

Wait…seriously? says the Hypothetical Reader. I’m reading a review of a comic book based on that board game I played maybe twice as a kid and then never thought about it again? To that I say…gosh, I certainly hope so. I put some real time into this, you know?

Look, I get it. I was skeptical myself, but after reading up on all things Clue over the last few days (i.e. I skimmed over all the pertinent bits on Wikipedia), I dunno, I guess curiosity got the best of me. I even pulled an old copy of the board game we had lying around the house to reacquaint myself with the set-up, and I think I have enough now to make this worth your time and mine. So yeah, let’s put on those deerstalker caps and dive in.

Source: My basement, rescued from under a copy of Battleship and the “FRIENDS” Trivia Board Game. Incidentally, the artwork here is done by Drew Struzan. Yes, that Drew Struzan.

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“Moving Pictures” by Kathryn and Stuart Immonen [Review]

Isn’t it interesting how old forgotten things from our past find their way back into our lives? A crumpled up dollar bill you find in your pants pocket; a box of toys you stumble across during spring cleaning; running into an old friend from your high school days at the grocery store. They must have had some value to us once, some presumably more than others, but then for one reason or another we simply stopped thinking about them until one day, out of the blue, they sneak up on us. Moments like that make me wonder why those things were so important to me in the first place and, if they were, what does it say about me that I could forget them so easily?

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