Fun-Size Friday | 10-25-19 | Immortal Hulk #25, Coda Vol. 3, and Animeta! Vol. 1

Live from the deepest recesses of the Internet, it’s yet other edition of Fun-Size Friday! I know, I can’t believe it either, but here we are. The rules of the game are simple: I can write about anything I want (SPOILERS: there’s gonna be a lot of comic book stuff) so long as I keep each subject to no more than a hundred words. Trust me, if you give me any more than that we could be here all day. So with all that out of the way, let us go once more unto the breach or whatever!

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Fun-Size Friday| 8-2-19

Welcome to another installment of Fun-Size Friday! Once again I get to talk about whatever I want, with the sole caveat being that I keep my thoughts on each topic to a hundred words or less. That includes this introduction, by the way. Any more than that and it becomes a rambling mess, although now that I’m writing this all down, “rambling mess” is a pretty apt description for the “Fun-Sized” posts. Is it too late to start changing names, or maybe it’s early enough that I can get away with it oh shoot I’m doing it again just start!

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