Fun-Size Friday | 4-17-20 | Extreme Home Takeover: Quarantine Edition

Keep cool, Hypothetical Reader, it’s just another edition of Fun-Size Friday. Though the pop culture well may have dried up a bit as of late, I figure there’s still just enough that happened in the last week to last me a couple hundred words at least. I mean, I’m not calling this thing “fun-size” for nothing. With all that out of the way, let’s see what we can scrape up this week.

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Oh shoot it’s Fun-Size Friday again, isn’t it? Yeah, that’s — I don’t know why that would be surprising to me at this point, and yet somehow it keeps sneaking up on me. Am I one of those guys who needs a day planner or something, maybe some kind of free app? Like, do they have apps designed specifically for helpless people oblivious to the passage of time?

Also, how many more words can I can squeeze out of this “app” bit?

Yeah, forget it, let’s talk about something else, like comics! Or movies! Or whatever other weird random tangent my train of thought takes me to! That’s probably it for apps though; if it’s not Sudoku it’s pretty much outside my wheelhouse. Anyway, enough about my glaring technological blind spots, let’s talk about something I do know a thing or two about!

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Fun-Size Friday | 11-15-19 | Folklords #1, Family Tree #1, Far Sector #1, & More!

Prepare your internets, Denizens of the World Wide Interwebs, because Fun-Size Fan-Thing 2.0 is now up and running. What do I mean by “2.0”? Well, hypothetical reader, allow me to break it down: while Fun-Size will still be covering the same general subjects as before — comic books, movies, television, opinion pieces and what have you — I’ve decided to try removing the hundred-word limit to play around with the format a bit. Keeping things brief was nice at first, but now I want to open things up and see what comes tumbling out. Enough about that old nonsense though, you didn’t come for any of that. Let’s talk about some new nonsense!

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