Fun-Size Friday | 9-13-19 | Star Trek, Hunchbacks, & Some Light British Comedy

Here we go again with another Fun-Size Friday! If you’re new to this program, basically it’s me talking about whatever random thought occurred to me the past week. While the primary focus will be on comics, inevitably my mind will drift off into something else and, lucky you, I’ve decided to shove those in too. Just to make sure I don’t get too far off track though, I only have a hundred words for each talking point, so even if it’s bad at least it’s short. Now that I’m all full of positive vibes, let’s hit the ground running with…

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Fun-Size Friday | 9-6-19 | Dark Crystal, Pretty Deadly, & Angel Has Fallen

Could it be? Is it possible? Can it really be time for another edition of Fun-Size Friday? It is! Yes, my grand experiment to condense my various thoughts and opinions into a hundred words or less continues. Comics, music, cartoons, more comics, that time in third grade when a kid threw a rock at my head, nothing’s off the table. That’s probably it for the rock story though, it’s really not that big of a deal. Honestly, I hardly even think about it more than two or three times a day. Enough about my crippling head trauma though, let’s begin…

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Fun-Size Friday | 8-30-19 | “Ready Or Not”, App Ideas, & John Cleese

Once more we return…to Fun-Size Friday! The rules remain the same: I get to talk about whatever topic I want — comics, music, whatever I had for lunch this week, etc. — as long as I keep each topic to a hundred words or less. This acts as both a handy writing exercise for me and a nice, lean, non-fat read for you. Now that we’ve covered the basics, let’s get started!

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Fun-Size Friday| 8-23-19

Good evening, Dear Reader. Or, perhaps, good morning. Good…day? Yes, that should cover all the bases. Welcome once again to Fun-Size Friday, and let me tell you if you thought that greeting was awkward, let me assure you up front that it’s not gonna get any better from here. Fortunately we have fail-safes in place: to minimize the possibility of total verbal meltdown, every topic discussed is kept to no more than a hundred words. It’s been mostly successful, if I do say so myself. Anyway, enough introductions. Let’s do this!

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Fun-Size Friday| 8-16-19

Hello, Greetings, Salutations, Aloha and, er, Kudos? It’s time for another Fun-Size Friday, another chance to go off on all sorts of random tangents, provided that each topic discussed is kept to no more than a hundred words. You may be wondering why I’d impose an arbitrary word limitation on myself. To that I say, what’s the point of writing if you don’t challenge yourself every once in a while? You may also be wondering why I don’t just get a Twitter account, to which I say, well…I don’t want to. Great, now I’m all self-conscious. Let’s move on.

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Fun-Size Friday| 8-9-19

Another week means another edition of Fun-Size Friday, where going off on random tangents isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged! Theme songs; old movies; the occasional mini-review; anything goes. One rule and one rule only: keep every talking point under a hundred words or less. We haven’t broken the streak yet and we’re not about to start now. Let’s do this thing!

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