Fun-Size Friday | 5-29-20 | “Dancing With Myself” Edition

Well I’ll be darned, looks like it’s time for another installment of Fun-Size Friday! I guess that means we made it through another week after all, which is pretty awesome as far as these things go. Time to relax and indulge myself a bit by going through the last seven or so days of pop culture news to see what’s new and distracting out in the world. Of course this won’t be an exhaustive summary; I’lI just be cherry picking a few of the ones I personally find interesting and then gabbing about each one for about two hundred words or less. I mean, it is the weekend, and I’ve got other stuff I want to do with my free time, you know? Anyway, down to business…

Baker. Tennant. Daleks.
What More Do You Need?

Ask a group of Doctor Who fans which Doctor is their favorite and you’re likely to see one of two answers pop up more frequently: the “Fourth Doctor” or the “Tenth Doctor”, played by Tom Baker and David Tennant respectfully. I’m a “Tenth Doctor” guy myself — Tennant’s run from 2006 to 2010 was when I and many other Americans first discovered Doctor Who — but for viewers of the show’s “classic era”, Baker’s unbroken run from 1974 to 1981 remains an high point of the series. It also helps that Baker and Tennant are massive fans themselves, to the point where they still regularly contribute to new Doctor Who audio dramas long after their televised adventures came to an end.

IMAGE SOURCE: Big Finish Productions (Doctor Who TV)

Knowing all that, I suppose it was only a matter of time before someone upstairs figured out a story featuring these two fan favorites together could be quite good fun. Anyway, it looks like we’ll be getting just that when the first part of Doctor Who: Out of Time drops this August, when the Fourth and Tenth Doctors will join forces to take on their most determined of enemies: the Daleks. What else can I say but “Allons-y!”

FInally, AN Unscheduled “Upgrade” I Can Approve Of

So, have you seen Venom? You’ve probably at least heard of it — Venom made something like 800 million dollars worldwide — but I wonder if you’ve ever heard of a film called Upgrade? This movie also came out in 2018 and had a similar premise: a normal guy gets his body hijacked and turned into a super weapon and then kills a lot of bad guys, only the fights feature less CG blob monsters and more R-rated martial arts. I wouldn’t say it’s “better” than Venom, but I would give Upgrade the edge in terms of the action and performances, as long as you don’t mind some occasional gore.

Sadly, Upgrade didn’t exactly light the box office on fire the way Venom did, so any prospects for future films didn’t look great. Fortunately though, it looks like fans might just get a sequel after all in the form of a new Upgrade television series, co-created by writer and director Leigh Whannell. While it seems unlikely the show will be able to pull off everything a sequel could, it’s reassuring to see the Powers That Be are willing to invest in a follow-up to this modern day cult classic.

Kickstarter Is Giving You The “Power Rangers” Movie Of Your Dreams

Here comes a blast from the past, in more ways than one. “The Legend of the White Dragon” — an original live-action project in the vein of Power Rangers and featuring a cast of Power Rangers alumni including Jason David Frank — was successfully funded on Kickstarter this past week. While it’s initial campaign last year failed to reach it’s goal, their second campaign not only met their target goal but quintupled it, hitting every one of their stretch goals to make over $500,000. This also allows them to take what would have been a mini-series and turn it into a full-blown feature film event, as well as a four-issue comic book prequel. Not bad for a Kickstarter campaign that ran during a worldwide quarantine.

It’s going to sound silly, but it’s hard not to get a little nostalgic when I think about this little fan-film. It’s not only because I was a 90’s kid who was exactly the right age to enjoy Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, but because the “Legend of the Dragon” Kickstarter campaign was the very first thing I talked about back when I started doing these goofy little Fun-Size posts. Anyway, I just wanted to say how cool I think it is to see fan-supported projects like this succeed, especially these days.

In Short, Remember: It’s Okay To Say “No”

I’m going to let you in on a secret, Hypothetical Reader: when it comes to people asking me for help, I’m kind of a total pushover.

You want me to play a video game with you even though my shift starts in six hours? I guess I’ve got time.

You want me to work a couple extra hours over this week without overtime pay? Sure thing.

You want me to give you two hundred bucks for gas money? Well, I’ve got fifty on me. Will that work for now?

To be fair, that last person did pay me back…eventually. Honestly, I can’t even throw out my junk mail without feeling guilty; I donate when I can but it never feels like enough. I guess I’m just a born people pleaser, but the thing you and I have to remember is this: you’re no good to anyone if you can’t help yourself first. Acknowledge that you’re a human being with a job and responsibilities and a bank account. Sometimes it’s okay to just be you; do what you can but for goodness sake don’t kill yourself over it. Let’s just try and take care of ourselves, starting this weekend.

Cool? Cool.

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