Fun-Size Friday | 4-3-20 | Something Something Toilet Paper Joke!

Ain’t no stopping Fun-Size Friday now, we’re on the move! Moving and grooving through another week of quarantines, films and television shows getting delayed, and generally a lot of video-conferencing. All of which means we’ve got extra reason to focus on some of the good stuff that came out this week, preferably in 200 word chunks or less. Alright then, let’s see what fruit fell off the pop culture wagon this week!

This New “Venom 2” Guerrilla Marketing Campaign Is Pretty Wild

So this morning I was going through my usual news feeds — Bleeding Cool, CBR, Den of Geek, etc. — when I discovered “Venom” was trending on Twitter. Because the world is the way it is now, I was expecting it to be related to a movie delay or another medical update, but as it turns out it was a direct response to this inky, oozing, gelatinous son-of-a-gun:

For those of you who aren’t big Spider-Man fans, the wriggling mass above bears a striking similarity to the Venom symbiote from Marvel Comics. You may have also seen it featured prominently in the 2018 rom-com of the same name, featuring a forbidden romance between Tom Hardy and a sentient pile of alien space sludge who occasionally bites people’s heads off. What a hoot!

Somewhat disappointingly, it looks like the so-called experts have already debunked the whole “alien abomination” theory. Turns out this sucker is most likely something called a “bootlace worm”, and while it can’t bite your head off it can apparently excrete a toxic mucus strong enough to kill crabs and cockroaches. That’s uh…that’s still pretty unsettling.


Star Wars Episode Nine: The Road Not Taken

It’s not exactly a “hot take” these days to talk smack about Star Wars Episode IX, so I’m gonna do my best to be curt here. Suffice it to say I think there was room for improvement, but at the same time I cannot imagine the unbelievable pressure that director J.J. Abrams and his team were under to wrap up not one but three trilogies of films. Still, I can’t help but wonder what could have been.

Case in point, before J.J. Abrams returned to the director’s chair, Colin Trevorrow (Jurassic World, Safety Not Guaranteed) was originally tapped to write and direct Episode IX and — Bonus! — his original rejected script has been made publicly available online. I haven’t yet had the time to sit down and actually read it yet but — Double Bonus! — the Mr Sunday Movies YouTube channel has taken the liberty of translating the basics into a ten-minute animated video:

Now, I can’t honestly say this “Trevorrow Cut” would be any better received than what we ended up with, but it’s certainly fun to see what could have been. Eh, whatever; I still love Star Wars, warts and all.

In Short, Let’s Appreciate What We Already Have

If there’s one decent thing that’s come out of this pandemic for me personally, it’s that it’s given me an opportunity to catch up on stuff I’ve been missing out on for one reason or another. Case in point, last week I caught up on Steven Universe: Future — in a nutshell, an epilogue to creator Rebecca Sugar’s Steven Universe series — and it was really something else. Steven Universe has never shied away from dealing with trauma, whether it’s physical, mental, or emotional, but the final episodes were really something else.

It’s like…I look at the cartoons that I grew up with as a kid compared to what’s on TV now and it’s nuts to me how much more honest and just plain real they can be now. All of this is basically to say, I think Steven Universe is a pretty darn good show. It’s not without it’s flaws, but as the saying goes “if every pork chop were perfect we wouldn’t have hot dogs”.

Are there any movies or shows that you could catch up on during this break? Maybe give it a shot this week and see what you come across.

Stay safe, folks!

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