Fun-Size Friday | 3-13-20 | ♫MA-MA-MA-MYYY CORONA♫

Fun-Size Friday: it’s basically what happens when a pop culture obsessed nerd decides to post his diary entries online, give or take a hundred bucks. In any case the rules are the same as always: two hundred words to talk about whatever random nonsense I imbibed over the last week — comic books, movies, pro-tips for aspiring cosplayers, etc. — so long as I keep each subject to two hundred words or less. Why two hundred words? Well, we started with a hundred words and that didn’t work, then we tried getting rid of the limit altogether and that made it worse, so now we’re trying a third thing. Yes, a writer I may be, but a consistent writer I most certainly am not. Anyway, enough self-deprecating humor, let’s take a look back at another week of wacky hijinx, starting with…

THE decidedly “un-wacky” ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM

If you have a working Internet connection (check), you’re no doubt already aware of the impact the COVID-19 corona virus has had on pop culture and your everyday life in general. If by some chance you’ve managed to dodge the numerous press releases up until now — or if you’re a reader from the far future who wants to know what we humble past-folk were facing at the time — look no further than this article by the AV Club that’s running a list of every movie, sporting event, convention, and everything else that’s been cancelled so far. Oh, also some schools are closing? That’s kind of a big deal, right?

Now look, obviously I’m not going to claim to be any kind of expert when it comes to this stuff. Heck, I’m barely an expert on the stuff I usually cover here. Still, I can at least attempt to do my part by including a link to this page from the Center for Disease Control‘s website, giving you some helpful tips and actions you can take to help combat the coronavirus. Or, if you prefer something more “fun-sized”, here’s a YouTube vid:

Now, back to the show!

lightning round: My anime first impressions

It’s been about ten years since I regularly watched anime, but in the last month I’ve felt oddly compelled to dip my toes back into that most bizarre and beautiful of animated programming. While I don’t have enough time or space to properly cover all the anime I watched in the last week, here’s twenty words about each of the shows I’ve started thus far, in no particular order:


The best “card game anime” I’ve seen since Yu-Gi-Oh! A group of charming characters following their weird passions. Highly recommended.


So far I’m getting a strong supernatural meets “mystery-of-the-week” vibe from this show. Color me intrigued.


A funny, stupid show about smart, attractive, awkward science geeks trying to “quantify” love. Screw it, I’m down.

(two episodes watched so far)

My obligatory shonen pick is starting out fairly basic, but I’ve heard it picks up significantly. So far, so decent.


Proof that anime can make me watch twenty-two minutes about anything. Now it’s runway models and fashion designers. Unbelievable.


On a lark I took some of the family to see Onward last weekend, mostly because it’s Pixar and at this point I feel obligated to watch whatever they put out. Anyway, we went in with moderate expectations and for the most part I can say we left…pretty much satisfied with what we saw. Let’s be clear, Onward is not the best movie Pixar’s put out, but it’s certainly not the worst I’ve seen from them.

On the surface Onward is nothing particularly new; stories about deconstructed magical worlds have already been told dozens of times in the last few decades. Still, the performances from the cast are solid, there’s some fun jokes here and there, and at the core of it is a pretty touching message about not dwelling on the relationships you could have had, and instead cherishing the ones you have right now. And of course it’s Pixar so you know at the very minimum it’s gonna look amazing. Also, you’re probably gonna cry at the end, but you already knew that. When it’s all said and done, you don’t necessarily need to see Onward in theaters, but I don’t think you’d regret it if you did.

you’re only as old as you feel?

Have you ever seen Star Trek: The Wrath of Khan? I’ve been thinking about it all day. It’s weird; I’m not much of a “Trekkie” — I’ve barely seen any of the new or classic stuff — but my dad’s a big fan, so I’ve seen Wrath of Khan plenty of times. The movie didn’t really resonate with me back then, but these days I’m finding it…surprisingly relevant.

Maybe it’s exhaustion or apathy or the general state of the world, but McCoy’s line to Kirk about getting out and doing what you want “before you really do grow old” really resonated with me. Long story short, I’m feeling really burned out. I’m trying to be better though; trying every day to get out of my head and do the things I really care about, and not just going through the motions. If I may impart a bit of advice, it’s exactly that: make time for the things you care about before it’s too late. Life’s short, so live a little.

I know, bit of a dour note to end on. How about some William Shatner spoken word to make up for it?

Be safe, and “be you”.

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