Fun-Size Friday| 8-16-19

Hello, Greetings, Salutations, Aloha and, er, Kudos? It’s time for another Fun-Size Friday, another chance to go off on all sorts of random tangents, provided that each topic discussed is kept to no more than a hundred words. You may be wondering why I’d impose an arbitrary word limitation on myself. To that I say, what’s the point of writing if you don’t challenge yourself every once in a while? You may also be wondering why I don’t just get a Twitter account, to which I say, well…I don’t want to. Great, now I’m all self-conscious. Let’s move on.

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Fun-Size Friday| 8-9-19

Another week means another edition of Fun-Size Friday, where going off on random tangents isn’t just acceptable, it’s encouraged! Theme songs; old movies; the occasional mini-review; anything goes. One rule and one rule only: keep every talking point under a hundred words or less. We haven’t broken the streak yet and we’re not about to start now. Let’s do this thing!

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Fun-Size Friday| 8-2-19

Welcome to another installment of Fun-Size Friday! Once again I get to talk about whatever I want, with the sole caveat being that I keep my thoughts on each topic to a hundred words or less. That includes this introduction, by the way. Any more than that and it becomes a rambling mess, although now that I’m writing this all down, “rambling mess” is a pretty apt description for the “Fun-Sized” posts. Is it too late to start changing names, or maybe it’s early enough that I can get away with it oh shoot I’m doing it again just start!

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Fun-Size Friday| 7-12-19

Greetings and welcome to the very first edition of Fun-Size Friday! This is my chance to completely abandon any pretensions of theme, analysis, and critical thinking to basically talk about whatever I want! I also won’t be limited to a single topic here; it could be just one or as many as a dozen [Editor’s Note: Never, ever gonna happen]. The only provision is that I have to keep each topic to a hundred words or less. Even this introduction is under a hundred words!

Yeah that’s right, we’ve already started.

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About a year ago today, I made a spontaneous, not entirely well thought out decision to purchase a domain address and spend a substantial part of my day writing about comic books online. Actually, comic books “and things”, which was just a way to cover myself if I started to get burnt out on comic books, which, based on the fact I haven’t posted anything for about a year now, didn’t really pan out.

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